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The wonderful mimulux.
Fish Kritters - Art by mimulux
'FishKritters' art by mimulux

Here are her answers to the two questions;
  1. this painting - as most of my art - just happened. i rarely have an idea that i will "bring to paper".. usually i just dabble and doodle.. prepare a background.. and see what happens. i "play by ear" .. so to say :) this goes for trad art.. for digital art.. and to a certain extent also for my photography.. 
  2. if my muse goes quiet.. i give him-her-it .. a rest.. she-he-it probably needs it :) i know it will come back.. what i do when my muse is absent.. i listen to music.. i read.. i am with my animals.. i talk to friends.. i do some photo shootings.. and eventually.. the muse is back.... triggered by something i saw, heard, smelled.. anything really :) and we get down to work again :)

more info about mimulux, in her own words.

i am a dark artist, dark as in .. the dark sides of life
i have encountered them and like to bring these experiences into my work. i like to be subtle, using symbols, moods, textures, light.. i want to  make my viewers curious to focus on my art.

nevertheless, i see myself as being an optimistic person, loving life and living. i am entirely self-taught – apart from art classes i had at school. i have lived in many countries, on 3 continents, have been influenced by different cultures and they in turn influence my art.

i use different styles, mix them wildly, also use different genres but…
always come back to dark art.

13/5/2012 04:46:25 am

Next week's artist is...
...Juli Ryan. So watch this space :)


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