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iPhone Art
Keep me smiling till the break of day...
This weeks Muse News is...a bit different. Alas unavoidably this week has to be me, because although LOTS of people have said yes and want to be featured, I don't have anything from anyone to post today.

What inspired this image?
Well, my Muse has been somewhat absent recently, probably because the weather has been so hot and my fatigue has been very bad. Today I finally got around to checking my mail from iPhone Art and saw that a new challenge has just begun in the group 'Breaking New Ground'. The challenge is for all members to use one app, either on it's own or as part of the process. This time round it's the app 'Rollage.'
I combined two recent images - a digital painting of a tree and a mandala.
What do I do when my Muse goes AWOL?
Well, I've already answered that really haven't I? I pop over to or get imersed in my Twitter stream.

Here's a slide show to illustrate the stages that led to this digital artwork and detailing the apps used. Be sure to take a peek at the other group entries.

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