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Carriellen Angell is an artist in New Jersey.  Growing up, her favorite pastimes involved art, reading and dancing.  She pursued training in art whenever possible and majored in art in college before changing her major to psychology.  For many years life and work got in the way of her artistic pursuits, but she has now returned to what she loves and has vowed to never set it aside again. (A bit like me :)
Now over to Carriellen;

The inspiration...
I wasn't inspired with anything in particular for this piece, other than having done another painting recently with a similar theme and not feeling quite done with it.  I generally paint from the imagination so usually my paintings are pretty spontaneous and inspired by my mood at the moment, more than anything else.  I was going for a sort of cool evening feel in this one, probably because this oppressive heat has got me frustrated beyond belief!

When my inspiration and painting ideas are at a low ebb I take to the Internet.  I love to look at what other artists are up to, I look at art collections in museum sites, I look at classical works and modern works, I read about art theory and look at instructional videos, and I look at a lot of nature sites like sea creatures, astronomy pictures and microscopic images.  Usually doing that for a while gives me some painting ideas to explore.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate!
Carriellen Angell

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