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This Muse News post comes from Matthew Kennedy a ceramic artist based in San Diego.

What inspired you? 
Watching a show called "Miami Ink" on TV about 5 years ago. I thought if they can use that Tattoo Machine on skin then I could use it on clay! I then proceeded to set out to find my style with the Tattoo Machine. 

What do you do when your muse goes AWOL? 
My Muse just got here.. I just proposed to my sweetheart 2 days ago and she is an artist as well. Her name is Lisa and she is my Angel. She is painting me a Fairy for my birthday right now.

Matthew S. Kennedy is a self taught ceramic artist with an international reputation, whose professional 
career has spanned more than 16 years as a ceramic artist. 
His art work is featured in many offline and online galleries and in recent years, Matthew has developed strong relationships within the art community, consultants, television and movie artists and stylists, corporate representatives and interior designers who wish to provide their clients with extraordinary beautiful works of art. 
His art mediums are ceramics with enamelling, making unique use of vibrant pigments and colors for each piece of art work. 
The ceramic tattoo inspired collection are his most recent works.  Matthew hand carves each design element for every piece.