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Kate England is an artist, iPhoneographer and designer. 
In 1997 she started Marmalade Moon as a journal, sketchbook, and expression for her digital, creative romance. 
In 2001 Kate opened a tiny design studio in Fredhäll, the Beverly Hills of Stockholm, from where she provides a  design services for clients all over the world.
When she got her first iPhone in 2008, (just like me) she discovered iPhone photography. 
She began exploring the iPhone and iPad as a revolutionary canvas for creative expression and a new exciting way of adding a creative layer to daily life.
Kate is half English, half Swedish and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
Now over to Kate...

The inspiration for this image?
"One of my favorite iPhoneography projects is to capture reflections. When you start looking at what is reflected, you can discover surreal layers to reality and it becomes the photo montage that makes itself."
And when the muse is quiet?
"When the muse has left me, I try to look outside my regular fields of inspiration and disconnect from my computer. A trip to a museum, a different route to work, nature, a new art or photo app, getting messy and runny with paint, or explore a field that I don't have a connection to, such as fishing tackle, traffic signs or embroidery. Visiting thrift stores is one way to get imagination in motion, and of course iPhoneography is such an easy way to keep the eye sharp and exploring. I also find it important to make space for spontaneity and joyful play… seeing what happens with the picture, rather than trying to control it too much." 
Kate england
Kate England
Marmalade Moon 

Kate runs creative courses at Marmalade Moon, and the current one is free. Alert readers will remember me mentioning it in my news blog.
Here's some more information (did I say it was free to join?)

The Creative Jumpstart is a free course to boost your creativity and build creative momentum. It's a Club Marmalade Moon project, and you can get access to it by joining the club. 
Simplicity & Ease
  • To make it easy to succeed, the course comes in 7 tiny, to-the-point, practical and bite-sized chunks.
  • In this course we'll work on a practical project that you can complete with pen and paper. Optionally document your creative process with a camera (any old camera will do, an iPhone works great).
  • This will be a time for you to spark your unique creativity and begin weaving creativity into your days.

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