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Late as ever, I just managed to add the block printing Halloween designs to my Zazzle store.
I've made two designs in a a choice of colours on shirts so far. If there's another item of merchandise that you'd like the designs on, perhaps for a gift - just let me know and I'll create it ASAP.

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I am as usual finding it hard to keep up with almost anything, so my apologies for the silence.

I recently added a form to the site to make submitting work for a Muse News feature easier and have already received a wonderful submission. It's hopefully going to give me another way to discover awesome artists - Twitter is my main resource for that, but I don't manage to spend as much time there these days. It's frustrating. 
So if you're reading this and you're and artist AND you'd like to be featured - just click the link and fill in the simple form.

I may have made an error of judgement but I've set myself another time dependent challenge... The month before my gallbladder surgery I managed to post 30 images in 30 days, so I'm hoping that posting a photograph a week for 52 weeks is something I can maintain. Go to the Photo Blog to see how I'm doing...

I'm slowly trying to update and tweak this site, as well as my Fibro Bites website. 
Although I realise that I need to simplify, focus and organise my time better. 
My mind is bursting with ideas that I don't have the time or energy to get to, it's frustrating, but it's my life now.
I'm also, (very very slowly) working on another site that I hope will combine my art and creativity knowledge along with my teaching experience and skills. Watch this space...
...and of course at some point I'll get another newsletter done! I hope - sorry subscribers.