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I was really surprised when a friend emailed me with the news today that I'm on this years '21 artists to watch' list over at the Skinny Artist website!

Here's what's been written about me;

"Sandra is a visual artist and designer based in Liverpool and quite frankly one of the nicest artists I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet online. 
Although you might not ever realize it at first by talking with her, Sandra is disabled by a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia.  Sandra says that she began creating art as a way to temporarily escape the painful physical reality of her situation.  She says that it’s her hope that she will be able “to enable others to relate to the hidden world of chronic pain or to help them to slip away from the confinements of our own various views of reality.”  By her example, she is hoping that other artists with physical disabilities will be able to find and adapt the tools necessary to create their own art and transcend their physical limitations.
Sandra says that many of her “artistic decisions are born of necessity, ruled by my physical limitations.”  The technology of the iPhone and the iPad has allowed Sandra to begin exploring the burgeoning  new artform of mobile digital art, which is a topic that she also explores in-depth weekly on her excellent art blog
Her art has allowed her to create and free herself in a way that was not previously possible.  The colors she uses in her artwork are stunning and the compositions of her digital art are simply extraordinary.
For the first several months that I knew Sandra, however, I didn’t know anything about her physical limitations.  She was just this friendly creative voice that I had gotten to know through our frequent conversations on Twitter and Facebook.  Sandra always seemed to be there generously sharing the work of other creative souls whom she had met online, and in fact, many of the artists I have come to know on these sites have been through her excellent recommendations.  
Like so many other artists on this list, Sandra is a connector.  She is someone who has this natural ability to bring people together both through her art and her amazing personality, which definitely makes Sandra an artist to watch in 2012."

Drew also added this to the comments;
"Fortunately for you, gallbladder or no, you are still a fantastic artist who deserves to be recognized. I think that I can speak for all of us when I say that you have always given far more to others than you have ever asked for in return. Even though you may not have been online as much as you would like lately, we still feel your kind and generous spirit with us everyday. Congratulations again Sandra and I wish you a healthy and happy 2012!"

What an honour this is...please do take a look at the work of the other talented artists on the list.

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