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More in the Christmas theme - let me introduce you to Mabel;
Mobile photography - Christmas tree angel
Many years ago mabel had legs and a spring and she wobbled on the dashboard of my car. Then time and rust took it's toll and her legs parted company from the rest of her.
So now she spends much of the year in the bag with all the other Christmas decorations, then she reappears to keep watch from the top of the tree.

Photo taken with the iOS app.
Clarity and Contessa filters in Camera+
Moku Hanga (again ;)
PS - She's not rusty anywhere else, she's still a pristine silver. It was just her legs and spring that perished...
I may have missed getting some awesome shots of land mist over the fields at sunset :( but I did manage to capture this massive tree and wreath.
Happy Christmas and belated Yule blessings to all.

The effect is created with the 'Moku Hanga' app.
Christmas card and fairy lights
Yes there'll be a few Christmas flavoured images in the coming weeks. I'm still rather depressingly ill so things inside the house are my only inspiration at the moment.
iPhone5 camera,
camera+ and
This is a self portrait done last year. Not been able to do any photography this week because what limited energy I've had I've been using to paint.
The deadline for the Twitter Art Exhibit in LA is hurtling towards us and I've really struggled to be physically able to paint. So against all odds here she is;
Moon goddess
Masking fluid, Watercolour and Inktense pencils. Plus a little bit of iridescent watercolour paint for the moon and her legs. (Can't really see the shimmer on a scan though.)
Hope she finds a home in LA.

For more information on the exhibition, go to
Yes it's that tree again...
...the reason there are so many images of or based on this tree is because it's the view from the front of the caravan. These days if I manage to make it to Wales - the front view is the only one I'll see, so it's necessity as much as choice.

And yes, I'm still as bad as ever :( nerve pain has joined the Fibro flare party again and I'm still basically bedbound. Thanks to all for the good wishes, sorry I haven't managed to reply or check twitter (eek! It's ages) but my hands are very sore as well as all the other 'usual' stuff.
Hoping I can be back to my normal soon. This is getting ridiculous :(