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More in the Christmas theme - let me introduce you to Mabel;
Mobile photography - Christmas tree angel
Many years ago mabel had legs and a spring and she wobbled on the dashboard of my car. Then time and rust took it's toll and her legs parted company from the rest of her.
So now she spends much of the year in the bag with all the other Christmas decorations, then she reappears to keep watch from the top of the tree.

Photo taken with the iOS app.
Clarity and Contessa filters in Camera+
Moku Hanga (again ;)
PS - She's not rusty anywhere else, she's still a pristine silver. It was just her legs and spring that perished...
Yes it's that tree again...
...the reason there are so many images of or based on this tree is because it's the view from the front of the caravan. These days if I manage to make it to Wales - the front view is the only one I'll see, so it's necessity as much as choice.

And yes, I'm still as bad as ever :( nerve pain has joined the Fibro flare party again and I'm still basically bedbound. Thanks to all for the good wishes, sorry I haven't managed to reply or check twitter (eek! It's ages) but my hands are very sore as well as all the other 'usual' stuff.
Hoping I can be back to my normal soon. This is getting ridiculous :(
iPhoneography - trees
The view from my bedroom window. (I spend most of my life in bed now.)
Contrary to how this appears, I live in a terraced house in an urban area about 20 minutes drive from Liverpool city centre.
These poplar trees are at the bottom of next door's garden. They do look beautiful when the setting sun is on them but our houses are built on sandstone and I dread to think what the roots from these giant trees are doing...
Sorry to say I can't recall what apps I used this week :(
Things are, alas, even worse this week than last. Had a very bad (scary pain) night last night and will have to spend some days in bed resorting to morphine again.
Not a happy camper...
That'll teach me to think I can try to ignore my illness and push myself. I really ought to know after five and a half years that I can't do that.
This is twice in as many months that I've been forced by circumstances to try to do things that are now physically beyond me, and payback is...bad. I need to learn to say no.
I thought I had. Evidently not.
Setting sunlight makes the branches glow with a quality of light that's fascinating.
Almost didn't include this one as I'm not happy with it, but it does show how the setting sunlight makes the branches glow.
(Not the real light source in this obviously, I was playing with lens light. Hopefully at some point this week I'll manage to create a version I like.)
Another photo from north Wales.
Mostly the PhotoFX app.
I've been tinkering with this photograph for some time, so I'm afraid I'm unable to recall exactly what apps I used and in what order.
Some I can recall are;
Pic FX
Photo Wizard