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Mobile photography - Light and Shade
Playing with a new app from the folks who make the Artista apps and Moku Hanga, called;
'NIR color'
For adding Near Infrared Colour effects.

" NIR Color uses "near infrared" light technology, along with infrared "color" filters to add violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red colors, and all their combinations back into your image. The combination creates stunning imagery with otherworldly and mysteriously atmospheres. "

Then I played with image in Scratchcam.
More in the Christmas theme - let me introduce you to Mabel;
Mobile photography - Christmas tree angel
Many years ago mabel had legs and a spring and she wobbled on the dashboard of my car. Then time and rust took it's toll and her legs parted company from the rest of her.
So now she spends much of the year in the bag with all the other Christmas decorations, then she reappears to keep watch from the top of the tree.

Photo taken with the iOS app.
Clarity and Contessa filters in Camera+
Moku Hanga (again ;)
PS - She's not rusty anywhere else, she's still a pristine silver. It was just her legs and spring that perished...
I may have missed getting some awesome shots of land mist over the fields at sunset :( but I did manage to capture this massive tree and wreath.
Happy Christmas and belated Yule blessings to all.

The effect is created with the 'Moku Hanga' app.