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A day late, but that's ok...

I'm coming out of the worst flare I've had for 18 months and my aunt/Godmother has had a fall and damaged her already damaged spine. Things are more than a bit challenging right now and all things reality based are being neglected.

Sorry Twitter friends, people waiting for email replies etc. I'm doing my best but alas my best isn't very good these days...
iphoneography by sandra Lock - branches
Twisted embrace - ©2012 Sandra Lock
Photo taken with iPhone 4S, processed on i5.
Taken in September at Loggerheads country park in north Wales.
- iOS camera
- Scratchcam
The similarities between natural forms are fascinating aren't they?
Same apps as last week, plus
Photo Viva and
Moku Hanga
This little guy was fascinating and his family didn't notice any of this...they kept on walking.
Taken in North Wales at Loggerheads country park.
There'll be a lot of photographs from N Wales because;
1) I don't get out very much
2) I took LOTS of photos...

Taken and processed with an iPhone 4S